About 1,000 Los Angeles Unified District schools remained closed Thursday as union workers demanding a 30% wage increase and better working conditions continued their strike into its third day.

The strike has the support of as many as 60,000 members of the Local 99 of Service Employees International Union and United Teachers Los Angeles.

Demonstrators have walked off the job since Tuesday after union leaders and district officials were unable to agree on a deal.

One bus driver on strike told KTLA that they simply need more money to live.

“We want respect, like our signs say, ‘We keep schools safe, respect us.’ We need respect, we demand respect,” she said.

Officials told KTLA that SEIU Local 99 members are still planning to return to their job sites on Friday. The move would likely reopen all LAUSD schools that have been closed since the strike began.

The official LAUSD Twitter account announced Tuesday afternoon that district officials have been communicating with SEIU Local 99 members. Still, no resolution has been announced.

Even though schools are closed, the school district and Los Angeles County have announced multiple resources to help parents and students.

LAUSD parents can check the district website for real-time updates on the strike and select schools are open for free student supervision.

Mayor Karen Bass announced Tuesday that select parks and recreation centers will double as after-school program centers for LAUSD parents.

The Los Angeles Zoo and libraries have also opened its doors to students and parents during the strike.