For the past several days, Southern California has been pounded by a historic winter storm that has flooded several areas and dumped snow and ice on roads, making them impassable.

However, these clouds come with a silver lining.

This storm has pushed many areas over the average amount of precipitation they receive during the rainy season, typically between October and April.

For instance, downtown Los Angeles averages a little more than 14 inches of rain annually, but as of Friday, the area has gotten 16.2 inches this season, according to the National Weather Service.

Jan Null, a Bay Area-based meteorologist, pointed out that downtown L.A. has gotten about 150% of the precipitation it usually receives by this point in the rainy season, as well as 110% of what it can expect for the whole year.

The downtown area is far from an outlier. Camarillo, the Hollywood Burbank Airport, LAX, John Wayne Airport in Orange County and Riverside are just some of multiple local areas that are pacing above their average rainfall for the season.

In many cases, the areas have already topped their expected total rainfall for the year well before the typical mid-April end to the rainy season.

And the best part? It’s not done raining yet.

In addition to the dousing many areas received Saturday, more rain is expected Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, likely taking a big bite out of California’s drought conditions that are already seeing some improvement.