With COVID-19 cases still on the rise in L.A. County, vaccine mandates expand

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As the delta variant continues to spread, vaccine mandates are expanding to more sectors.

Employers and government entities are clamping down on those who have refused to get the vaccine against COVID-19.   

In L.A. County, officials reported just more than 3,000 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday. That’s a thousand less than what was recorded on Saturday.  

Officials say the drop could reflect an undercount due to a weekend lag in reporting.  

Just last week, Barbara Ferrer said that while transmission in L.A. County remains at a high level, the rise in cases may be leveling off. However, hospitalizations are on the rise. 

Health officials in San Bernardino County are also encountering a similar experience.  

“But we’re seeing a trending increase, both in the ICU and overall hospital. We’re also seeing what the nation is seeing, a younger portion of patients coming in, relatively young and some are pretty healthy,” said Dr. Victor Waters, chief medical officer of Dignity Health St. Bernardine. 

Officials say most of those hospitalized are unvaccinated.  

While people’s social behaviors might change due to COVID fatigue, officials remind people to continue wearing masks indoors – especially now as children return to school.

“It is a concern because some may or may not wear masks, so there is a risk for transmission between kids and bringing it home. Many kids are under reported with infections because they don’t have to get the tests …. they may resist, and others may do home testing, so there is an underestimation in how prevalent the infections are with kids,” Waters said. 

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