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As California bans diners from eating in restaurants to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station is asking the public to help out an important faction of people who may be most hurt by the measure: truck drivers.

Some fast-food chains have limited access to their dining rooms and that has left the drive-thru as the only way to order from those restaurants, the agency explained in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

That has made it somewhat difficult for them to get food while they’re working, the post read.

Officials noted that that their vehicles are generally too large to get through drive-thrus, which also prohibit people from walking up to order.

“Therefore, these truck drivers have no other way of getting meal,” the post stated.

Sheriff’s officials are now urging anyone in a position to help to provide assistance.

“If you happen to be sitting in your car eating because the dining room is closed, or going into a drive thru and see a truck driver attempt to pull on a door, please ask if you can buy them a meal,” the post read.

The Sheriff’s Station noted that those drivers are performing critical services for the general population during these uncertain times, going across the state and the country to ensure that necessary supplies and food are delivered to stores and restaurants,

“The least we can do is buy them a meal to show our appreciation!” the agency said.