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Police have arrested a woman on suspicion of fatally stabbing a transit employee at the Seventh Street/Metro Center station in downtown Los Angeles.

The incident occurred on the Red Line train around 10:45 p.m. Friday, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Irma Monroy, 25, of Los Angeles, allegedly stabbed the victim to death after an argument between them broke out and escalated, authorities said.

The victim suffered critical injuries to his chest and was pronounced dead later that night after he was taken to the Los Angeles County USC Medical Center, KTLA reported.

Security cameras over the weekend captured an image of the woman identified as Monroy, who was seen exiting the train at the Seventh Street/Metro Center station pushing a green bike Friday night.

Police confiscated a knife and a green bike at the time of Monroy’s arrest, officials said. The agency has not provided further details about the nature of the dispute or whether the transit employee was working at the time.

Authorities, however, said Monroy is homeless and had been in the criminal justice system in connection with an assault with a deadly weapon charge from earlier this year.

Monroy faces a murder charge, and her bail has been set at more than $2 million according to a Los Angeles Police Department new release. She is expected to be arraigned on Oct. 28.