A rash of burglaries in an Arcadia neighborhood has residents on edge.

The Arcadia Police Department says carports are being burglarized from Southview Road to Fairview Avenue.

The suspect, police say, is believed to be a woman that’s been caught multiple times on camera.

Neighbors in the community say they are fed up with the recurring crimes and have already made major changes to their everyday lives.

Julissa Montes says her father brings everything in at night after working long hours because thieves will steal anything that’s not locked down, including the wood slats he used to leave in his truck bed which were previously taken.

“Every night, it’s a daily routine for him,” the Arcadia resident told KTLA.

Images provided to KTLA show the woman who’s been terrorizing the residential neighborhood. Neighbors are hoping that someone may recognize her and turn her into police.

For Montes, she hopes justice comes swiftly for the serial burglar.

“It’s very upsetting because these are people’s belongings and it’s not fair how she is stealing and we have to pay for it again,” Montes said.

If you recognize the woman in the images, or if you have other information on recent burglaries between March 29 and April 13, you are urged to contact the Arcadia Police Department at 626-574-5123. You can also submit an anonymous tip online at LACrimestoppers.org.