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The Los Angeles Police Department is facing scrutiny after a woman claims she was arrested in a case of mistaken identity and jailed for almost two weeks.

Bethany Farber said she was arrested at LAX when police believed she was a different woman with the same name.

Farber described her arrest last April as “absolutely terrifying.”

She was headed to Mexico to see her brother and goddaughter, but instead, Farber was taken into custody by the TSA due to an arrest warrant for Bethany Farber in Texas.

“Immediately, all I could think was I’ve never been to Texas,” she said.

The no-bail warrant kept her locked up for 13 days, with jail records showing her release on April 28, 2021.

During her time in jail, Farber’s grandmother suffered a stroke, which her family attributes to the stress brought on by the wrongful arrest.

Farber’s grandmother died a few days later.

Farber and her attorney, Rodney Diggs, plan to file a lawsuit against the department on Tuesday, and they also plan to hold a press conference outside LAPD headquarters to demand answers.

“All this is done because LAPD failed to check the driver’s license, the birth date, the social security [number], even the booking photo of the other Bethany Farber. You can see there’s no relation. They look nothing alike,” Diggs said.

The LAPD said they don’t comment on pending litigation.