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About 140 women attended the “A Day in the Life” event at the Rose Bowl on Wednesday, which provides women an insider look at life in the NFL.

Led by actress Alyssa Milano and Jen Welter, the first woman to coach in the NFL, “A Day in the Life” exposes women to what Welter called “the final frontier for women in sports.”

“Most of us who played took that as a challenge … I would say the opportunity and responsibility of being first is to ensure you’re not the last,” Welter said.

While the event was aimed at and led by women, men were in attendance as well to offer their support.

“It’s a lot of amazing women getting the chance to learn the game, spend time with each other during Super bowl work and really just get to the essence of what football is, and that is fellowship,” said former Rams linebacker Chris Draft.

Participant Isabel Dominguez said she was there to push back against the opinion of some men that football is “just for them, and it’s not for girls.”

“There’s girls out there that like to play football also,” Dominguez said.