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Habitat for Humanity is in the middle of a life-changing construction project that will help two families obtain their own American dream.

The women-led construction project is happening at the corner of Navarro Avenue and Howard Street in Pasadena, a notorious intersection once known as Blood Corner.

Violence has since given way to revitalization and the neighborhood will now be the home for two families selected by the Habitat for Humanity of San Gabriel Valley.

“This is what we are all about, taking areas that were absolutely horrible at some point in time, and turning them into what it should be,” said Bryan Wong, Habitat for Humanity of San Gabriel Valley’s executive director. “Bring it back from something miserable to something that is going to be transformational for two different families.”

The townhomes that are currently being built will be awarded to the families who have never owned their own homes.

It’s part of the San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity’s Expanding the American Dream program, which will build new homes for 100 families over next three years.

The construction is on track and is halfway complete, Wong said, and with each home pricing in at a minimum of $500,000, the program will create lasting transformational change for each family.

Families are selected through random selection following the application process. Habitat for Humanity works its way down the list until 100 families are selected.

The jobsite in Pasadena is being led by women as part of Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program, which aims to give women the opportunity to take “a proactive step in serving their communities.”

As part of the program, women from all walks of life with various levels of building experience can come together to help those in need obtain new housing.

On Saturday, crews were adding walls to the frame of the Pasadena project, which is estimated to be completed by November.

People who are interested in volunteering or learning more about the American Dream campaign can find more information at Habitat for Humanity’s website.