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“Enter if you dare.”

That’s the message greeting visitors at Elliot Arnold’s immersive haunted house experience, dubbed “The Deathly Attempt,” in Woodland Hills.

The Louis Armstrong 7th grader says he worked odd jobs and saved up his birthday money to make his Halloween dream come to life. His 10-year-old sister is also part of the haunt.

“I hope that some people get inspired to do this — to build a home haunt that’s self-funded,” Elliot told KTLA Thursday.

“Our son comes to us and he says, ‘I want to turn our carport into a haunted house.’ And we’re thinking (he’ll) throw up a couple of cobwebs, you know, a little scary figure, sure, go ahead,” said Zack Arnold, Elliot’s father. “The next thing we know, he has 3D schematics where he wants to design this multi-room haunted maze experience and I’m like, ‘this is kind of crazy but sure, go for it!”

Elliot’s haunted house is open during evening hours from Oct. 28 to Oct. 30. Tap here for more information.