Police are searching for an armed suspect who robbed a taco truck and pistol-whipped an employee in the Green Meadows neighborhood of Los Angeles near Willowbrook late Sunday.

Video shows the taco truck was parked near the intersection of 103rd Street and South Avalon Boulevard when the suspects approached around 11:45 p.m.

A man in a blue hoodie, holding what appears to be a gun, is seen grabbing an employee and pushing him against the van while apparently holding the weapon to his neck.

At one point, the suspect punched the employee and continued to hold on to him while reaching into the taco truck and pulling out cash.

The suspect may have also taken the workers’ cell phones and wallets, according to stringer reports.

Police are searching for the suspect who got away in what was described as a newer-model white Honda Accord.

A second person was seen in the video but police are still trying to determine if the individual was involved in the robbery.