Residents on a street in Echo Park are fed up with the parking problems that they say started when a yoga studio moved in. 

Those who live on Aaron Street – a dead end off Glendale Boulevard – say that hundreds of clients’ cars clog the streets throughout the day, making it nearly impossible for them to find street parking outside of their own homes. 

“There’s probably not more than six to ten spots available at any time during business hours on this street,” nearby resident Joe Lester told KTLA 5’s Kimberly Cheng. “They can only fit 33 in [their lot] but they’ll have 60 students coming and going at the same time.” 

Photos submitted to KTLA by residents show parked cars damaged by hit-and-runs, vehicles blocking driveways and parking in front of fire hydrants. 

  • Yoga studio causing parking nightmare in L.A. neighborhood
  • Yoga studio causing parking nightmare in L.A. neighborhood
  • Yoga studio causing parking nightmare in L.A. neighborhood
  • Yoga studio causing parking nightmare in L.A. neighborhood

“In the five or six years they’ve been open, my household has been victim to probably 15 hit-and-run incidents, including a total loss,” Lester said. 

“They block my driveway, and they don’t respect me,” said Lucia Mendez, another neighbor, who also added that one of her neighbors missed his doctor’s appointment because he was unable to get out of his driveway.

Residents have held neighborhood meetings and contacted their local councilmember — Hugo Soto-Martinez — to discuss the matter, and they are now in the process of collecting signatures for a petition to establish a parking permit requirement. 

The business in question, Modo Yoga L.A., says they have taken steps to try and solve the parking problem plaguing the neighborhood, including offering valet parking, reducing their yoga schedule and giving out incentives to students who walk or bike to class. 

Yoga studio causing parking nightmare in L.A. neighborhood
Modo Yoga L.A. pictured on Oct. 3, 2023. (KTLA)

The studio’s executive director released a statement that reads in part: 

“Modo Yoga L.A. has been actively involved in the discussion with our local community regarding parking issues on the residential streets adjacent to our studio…Since this location opened, we have regularly communicated to our members and visitors that parking is never guaranteed at the studio and that they should allow time before their classes to find suitable parking in the area.” 

According to Councilmember Soto-Martinez’s office, residents have started the process to establish a “preferential parking district” but in order to move the application forward, they must collect signatures from 75% of neighbors for at least six blocks. 

The final decision ultimately rests with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

City officials say that the approval process could take about two years.