A man has been charged with threatening a mass shooting at an Orange County courthouse.

Byrom Zuniga Sanchez allegedly sent emails with the subject line “active shooter – Lamoreaux Justice Center” that promised an attack next Friday, Oct. 13, as “I like to make moments feel special, and unforgettable,” according to the criminal complaint filed against him Thursday.

One email included the following threats directed at a judge, according to the complaint.

  • “I am more committed to murdering you than I am to being present as a father. Nothing will change course and nothing will stop the guaranteed accountability requiring your life as payment.”
  • “Nothing can save you, and nothing can protect you. Pelosi’s husband got hammered in the presence of police. What makes you think anyone is going to spare your life?”
  • “You’re already dead. The remainder of my life will be dedicated to assassinating judges, attorneys, and a police station’s entire shift staff.”

The incident was first reported by Seamus Hughes’ Court Watch, which pointed out previous criminal incidents involving Sanchez.

“In 2021, Sanchez allegedly went to the house of the Orange County district attorney (DA) and talked with an individual at his residence. When the DA was not there, Sanchez allegedly then said ‘Tell him Byrom stopped by,'” Hughes wrote. “A few months prior, prosecutors say Sanchez came to the DA’s office and ‘made a scene of dancing and singing erratically, and demanded to speak with the Orange County District Attorney.'”

In 2022, he also reportedly led Orange County Sheriff’s Department deputies in a pursuit that ended at a Foothill Ranch In-N-Out.