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After controversial YouTuber Jake Paul threw a large house party in Calabasas in the midst of a pandemic, Mayor Alicia Weintraub criticized the celebrity and said authorities will begin to fine people $100 for not wearing masks and shut down large gatherings.

Videos captured from the 23-year-old’s July 11 gathering show dozens of young people mixing without masks or social distancing. In the clips, carefree partygoers roll dice and drink, swing from a raised excavator crane and pull a car into the packed lobby of Paul’s Calabasas mansion.

“It’s completely unacceptable to be interacting with people like that during this time. People need to be wearing masks and people need to be keeping their distance. You can’t be having parties with over 100 people,” Weintraub said.

As internet influencers played at Paul’s house, Los Angeles County officials reported 2,916 new coronavirus cases and 57 more COVID-19-related deaths that day.

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