Magnitude 4.7 Quake Shakes Anza Area – Christina Pascucci Reports

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Southern Californians from San Diego to L.A. Counties reported feeling the 4.7 quake Monday morning.

“It knocked me out of my chair I went straight up!,” resident Barbara Chilcote says.

At the Sunshine Market in Anza, surveillance video captured two brief but seemingly strong jolts.

You can see the merchandise shaking especially hard in the bottom right corner of your screen .

The store owner says the shaking caused several items to fall off the shelves.

The quake did not cause major damage, but at local schools, students dropped, covered and held on.

“It felt like a stampede of animals,” said 4th grader Andrew.

USGS officials say the quake originally read as 5.2 because of a computer malfunction, and was later downgraded to a 4.7.

Officials there have since been more than one hundred aftershocks…since the quake hit.

Today’s quake is reportedly the largest the region here has seen in three years, though it didn’t last long.

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