A major mountain road near Lake Arrowhead is undergoing emergency repairs due to severe damages caused by winter storms. 

Caltrans crews have been working to repair Route 189 between North Bay Road and State Route 173 since April 4. 

Crews observed large cracks in the pavement along with the retaining wall below being bulged and are working on a layering system repair, according to Emily Leinen with Caltrans District 8. 

“It is going to be a layering system repair so that means we’re going to be putting down material 

and then a rock blanket, and then concrete, and we just keep building those layers up,” Leinen said. 

Caltrans crews are also working to repair guardrail and potholes caused by the storm, which officials say will take time because the ground is still saturated. 

Local residents are concerned with the damages and potholes and are hoping to see repairs soon. 

“I’ve seen a couple of crews but we were talking on our way here that we could really use a lot more work up here, just to get rid of these potholes,” said Mitchell Clarke, Lake Arrowhead resident. 

More than $2 million in emergency funds have been allocated to the emergency repair project, which is expected to be completed in early May.

Route 189 between North Bay Road to State Route 173 has been closed to traffic and will remain closed until late May.