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A Las Vegas man has been sentenced to six months in jail after pleading guilty to charges stemming from a melee at Disneyland’s Toontown last summer that was captured in a viral video, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office said Friday.

Avery Robinson, 35, pleaded guilty on Thursday to a felony count of corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant, and thirteen misdemeanor counts relating to assault, criminal threats, battery, and child abuse and endangerment, according to news release from the DA’s office.

His sentence also includes four years of formal probation and eight hours of community service, prosecutors said. He’s also been ordered to complete a yearlong batterer’s treatment program and pay restitution.

“The District Attorney’s Office objected to the court offer,” the release stated.

Robinson initially pleaded not guilty to five felony and nine misdemeanor charges last July, more than two weeks after the family fight at the Anaheim theme park on July 5, 2019.

Anaheim Police Department officers were called out that day to help break up a fight that initially involved two siblings but escalated to include other relatives who were part of their group, according to investigators.

That group included children, some of whom were crying in their strollers as punches were thrown above them, District Attorney Todd Spitzer told KTLA at the time charges were filed in the case.

“The little kids are trying to get the attention of their parents. You could see they’re distraught. That’s why we also filed child endangerment,” Spitzer said.

A nearly 4 1/2 minute video posted to YouTube on July 7 showed shoving and hitting, and people being knocked to the ground during the fight.

Family members and bystanders repeatedly tried to intervene and break it up, while other parkgoers called Disneyland security for help, according to the footage. By the time they arrived, one of the men had already been subdued by the crowd.

After, they were removed from the park and — according to Anaheim police — they denied being involved in a fight.

But the video, which has been viewed over 6 million times, prompted police to investigate the matter further.

They eventually turned the case over to the DA’s office, which charged Robinson and two others in connection with the incident.

Robinson’s sister, Andrea Robinson, was charged with four misdemeanor counts of battery and one of assault; her husband, Daman Petrie, was charged with misdemeanor battery.