There’s no disputing that cars have become rolling computers. Touchscreens are replacing dashboards.

But do we really need — or want — this much high-tech functionality in our vehicles?

The latest milestone on this digital road is an announcement from Tesla and Zoom that they’ve teamed up to bring video conferencing to cars.

The idea isn’t that you’d participate in Zoom calls while driving. Rather, you’d be able to park and teleconference using your Tesla screen instead of, say, your phone.

Here’s a video of how the companies see this playing out.

Video conferencing now joins in-car video games and in-car Netflix for Tesla owners.

Yes, there’s a certain future-is-now aspect to this gee-whiz technology.

But maybe it’s also time for a reality check. Just because we can turn cars into offices, game rooms and theaters doesn’t necessarily mean we should.

Yeah, yeah: “Get off my lawn,” says cranky consumer reporter.

But I remember some years ago when I was driving with a friend in Japan. He was excited to show me how we could watch sumo as we drove.

I expressed astonishment that a Japanese carmaker — in this case, Toyota — would potentially endanger drivers with live TV on the dashboard.

My friend explained that the TV was only intended to work when the car wasn’t in motion. It would go dark unless you were stopped at a red light or in a parking lot.

He then smiled and said it was no problem to have a technician at his car dealer fiddle with the system so it played all the time.

Maybe that won’t be possible with newfangled automotive video streaming. But still.

Driving is already an obstacle course of distractions. I’m stunned whenever I navigate the Sunset Strip by the dozens of billboards, particularly huge, bright digital ones, screaming to get me to take my eyes off the road.

It’s bad enough that so many people feel entitled to interact with their phones while driving.

The prospect of dashboard touchscreens making such behavior even more normal simply makes things worse. It endangers drivers and those around them.

Need to entertain yourself while driving? It turns out you can listen to music as you get from Point A to Point B, and you can still keep your eyes (and attention) on the road.

Which means your chances of reaching your destination are higher.

Which is a good thing.