The Ford Mustang Mach-E brings a lot of history to the table with its iconic Mustang name, but none of it involves electricity. Still, this EV honors its past while embracing the future with killer looks, futuristic features, and a drive style you might mistake for a gas-guzzling SUV.

Even though the Mach-E first went on sale in 2020, I hadn’t had the chance to drive one until now. After spending time with the $68,000 Premium model, it’s now one of my favorite EVs, and right up there with Tesla.

This car has personality, starting with the giant touch screen front and center. I love how large Apple CarPlay displays on the Mach-E’s screen and how Apple Maps integrates battery life and charging stops seamlessly.

Unlike a lot of other EV’s I’ve test driven, even Ford’s own software underneath it all feels polished. There are fun drive modes including “Unbridle” for a sporty, exhilarating drive complete with sounds that mimic a gas engine.

I got about 300 miles on full charge, which feels like more than enough for day to day driving and commuting.

The interior feels spacious, and I love the panoramic sunroof, although it doesn’t open. The trunk is a bit finicky—the button to open it is awkwardly low, and sometimes it fully opens while other times it sort of stops midway. Perhaps I was doing something wrong.

One design aspect that might take some getting used to? The rotating gear shifter. I prefer a stick design (not stick shift because, sadly, I never learned how to drive that).

Ford’s version of Autopilot is called BlueCruise, and it works well enough. When it’s ready to take over driving, the instrument panel will alert you. You can even take your hands off of the wheel, but a camera mounted above the steering wheel ensures you’re keeping your eyes on the road ahead. The system can even change lanes automatically if you start the blinker in the direction you want to go.

Listen to my discussion of the Ford Mach-E with John Faulkner of Clean Fleet Report

Overall, the Ford Mustang Mach-E is an EV that makes you forget you’re driving an electric car. It’s sporty, fast, fun, and everything a Mustang should be.

Although I had no issues charging this vehicle up, thanks to a charging station at work, Ford is one of many auto manufacturers adopting Tesla’s charging standards and infrastructure. This means the Mach-E will get access to Tesla Superchargers with an adapter early next year and starting with 2025 models, they’ll be able to plug in directly to Superchargers.

That change will make a great car even better.