Getting hitched? Get ready to write some hefty checks.

The average cost of a wedding nationwide is now $29,000, up about a grand from last year, according to the wedding-planning site Zola.

The price hike isn’t just because people are in a marryin’ mood. It’s also because Mean Mr. Inflation is a wedding crasher, boosting prices for everything from gowns to cakes.

And average costs will run higher in major metro areas. In Los Angeles, be prepared to shell out nearly $31,000 (and again, that’s just an average figure; your Kardashian-style nuptials will run considerably more).

Some brides-to-be are responding by sporting a vintage gown rather than something new.

Many couples are cutting costs by limiting guest lists, which can run to 150 invitees or more.

And some lovebirds are forgoing traditional ceremonies and looking instead for more off-beat knot tyings.

Pinterest says searches for “alternative weddings” are up more than 300%, with “underwater weddings” leading the way.

“This intriguing concept is perfect for couples who want something unique and memorable,” says the diving site

“You will both usually have to wear masks and scuba unit, so you’ll need to make sure that you each get one that fits correctly. Having said that, a few scuba diving lessons would be necessary for those couples who aren’t divers, so that they can be comfortable underwater.”

Yeah, good idea.

And for guests, at least you’ll know what gift to bring. A nice set of towels would be more than appropriate.