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Bookings for air travel may be up as Americans seek to resume something closer to normal life. But that doesn’t mean we’re enjoying the increasingly unfriendly skies.

The latest J.D. Power passenger-satisfaction survey finds that air travelers are generally cheesed about high fares (up 19% last month!), packed planes and unruly (read: obnoxious) fellow travelers.

“Customer satisfaction with North American airlines climbed to unprecedented highs for all of the wrong reasons during the past two years,” says Michael Taylor, a J.D. Power spokesperson.

“Fewer passengers meant more space on airplanes, less waiting in line and more attention from flight attendants. But that business model was simply not sustainable.

“Now, with volumes surging and some remnants of pandemic-era constraints still in place, passenger satisfaction is in decline.”

Among economy passengers, Southwest is No. 1, according to the survey. JetBlue is in second place, followed by Delta, Allegiant and Alaska.

For those splurging on business or first-class seats, JetBlue provides the most satisfactory experience, followed by Alaska, Delta, Air Canada and United.

A modest suggestion: Be nice.

Air travel, at least in coach, is unpleasant enough. Please save the outbursts and tantrums for when you’re on the ground.