Executive assistants are the backbone of the corporate world, accomplishing a wide variety of tasks and keeping the wheels of capitalism turning.

But do they get sufficient respect?

Bloomberg reports that some assistants are now pushing for more glamorous titles that better reflect their far-ranging responsibilities — and that might look a little classier on resumes.

Some of the proposed alternatives:

Administrative partner

Administrative lead

Management associate

Strategic business partner

Again, let’s emphasize that these are hard-working people — predominantly young women — and it’s perfectly understandable that they’d prefer titles that tell the world they’re not just picking up the boss’ dry cleaning.

“The stigma with ‘assistant’ has to do with the stereotypes of secretaries as the put-upon lackeys in ‘The Devil Wears Prada,'” Bonnie Low-Kramen, who runs an assistant training firm, told Bloomberg.

“Some people really suffer from old ideas of what an assistant is,” she said.

That’s undoubtedly true.

But would fancier titles really change anything? I mean, when stores call salespeople “associates” rather than salespeople, does that change your impression of them?

Still, if I was at the outset of my career and was doing all the running around required of most assistants, I’d probably feel like a snappier title would help the medicine go down.

So from now on, don’t call me a business reporter.

I’m a business raconteur.