Yes, there are more pressing concerns. But you can add a shortage of pizza delivery drivers to the nation’s woes.

Domino’s and Pizza Hut have both warned that a driver shortage is impacting their ability to get piping-hot pizza to customers’ doors.

The situation mirrors a shortage of drivers in the trucking industry, which has contributed to product shortages nationwide and rising inflation.

It also comes as Uber and Lyft are stepping up incentives to get more drivers working on their behalf.

The pizza industry’s solution is to promote automation — you know, robot delivery systems — and to outsource order taking to third-party call centers.

Ultimately, however, addressing this shortage probably will mean offering delivery people higher wages.

The problem with that, of course, is that pizza companies will be tempted to raise prices and pass along their higher costs to customers.

And considering that many pizzas now top $30 in price, that’s a very risky move.

Tell you what: Offer discounts — 10%, say — to people who pick up their own pizzas.

That may cut into thin profit margins. But it’s still better than no profit at all.