The Labor Department reported Wednesday that consumer prices remained high in March. One commodity that came down in price, though, was eggs.

According to the latest Consumer Price Index, egg prices declined by about 11% last month — the largest monthly decrease in 36 years.

Even so, eggs are still about 36% more expensive than they were a year ago.

Enter, stage left, Kraft Heinz.

The condiment conglomerate issued a press release Wednesday with a novel proposal for obtaining fresh eggs.

Having a fling with a farmer.

I’m not making this up.

Kraft is promoting its Just Crack an Egg product — think Hamburger Helper, but for eggs — with a tie-in to a dating site for lonely farmers called

“Starting April 12th, customers who purchase Just Crack an Egg can upload their receipt to to receive a unique code for a free, premium year subscription to, while supplies last,” the press release says.

“We know there are farmers out there with a plethora of eggs,” says Kelsey Rice, senior brand manager for Just Crack an Egg.

Side note: Plethora of Eggs is a great band name.

“By partnering with, we are making it easy to connect those searching for eggs — how they get the eggs is up to them,” Rice says.

In short, therefore, if you’re desperate for eggs but can’t stomach the current high prices, date a farmer.

While that might strike some as a decidedly extreme way of chasing down cholesterol, points to Kraft for thinking outside the box — er, carton.

That said, egg prices are clearly coming down from recent historic highs. Give them another few months and we should be back to normal.

Unless, that is, the whole date-a-farmer thing is particularly appealing.