Keurig on Wednesday announced a limited-edition “Start Me Up” iced coffee maker created in conjunction with the Rolling Stones — and sold out the devices in short order.

Presumably these $140 coffee makers are intended for coffee drinkers who got no satisfaction from their home brew (sorry).

If you were among the lucky 400 people who can always get what they want (sorry!), you now have the Stones-branded brewer, a collection of K-Cups with special “Start Me Up” blend purportedly co-created by Mick and the boys, and a Spotify playlist curated by the band.

That playlist, by the way, can still be downloaded for free as a consolation prize.

What does Rolling Stones coffee taste like?

According to Keurig, it’s “a nutty roast with electrifying notes of strawberry to the tongue.” The fact that it contains no notes of brown sugar (sorry!!) is a disappointment.

“We’re thrilled to be branching into the iced coffee space with Keurig,” the Stones said in a statement.

“We’ve collaborated to bring this limited-edition product to life and give fans a new way to fuel their day.”

Sure, fellas.

That said, if Keith Richards says Stones joe is the secret to longevity, that’s good enough for me.