Americans are increasingly turning away from beer and instead chugging down canned cocktails and spiked seltzer.

This is a trend parents need to be mindful of.

Sales of ready-to-drink cocktails soared by 53% last year and are expected to rise 29% over the next few years.

That’s not in itself a bad thing. Many people find the sweet-with-a-kick beverages refreshing.

The problem for parents is that some leading beverage makers are repurposing existing juice brands as alcoholic beverages.

This poses a danger to little ones who might not understand what a spiked seltzer is, or why it’s different from the fruit juice they may find in the fridge under the same brand.

For example, Coca-Cola makes a popular line of juices sold under the Simply brand. But in a partnership with Molson Coors, the companies are now offering Simply Spiked Lemonade, an alcoholic drink.

“This summer is going to be a reset,” Jamie Wideman, vice president of innovation for Molson Coors, told CNN.

“Last year, people had one foot outside and one foot inside. I think the opportunity to explore and discover new beverages is going to be a big thing this summer.”

Those new beverages include Simply fruit juices repurposed as booze with flavors such as strawberry lemonade and watermelon lemonade.

If you’re going to keep such products in your home, make sure they’re inaccessible to kids — and that young ones know that this lemonade, and that lemonade, may be very different.