It was reported Monday that Twitter CEO Elon Musk sacked another 200 or so workers over the weekend — roughly 10% of the remaining workforce.

That means Twitter’s head count, which was about 7,500 when Musk shelled out $44 billion for the platform, is now less than 2,000.

Gone in the latest round of beheadings are engineers, data scientists and product managers, according to reports.

But the one that really stands out is Esther Crawford, who apparently was a true believer in Musk’s vision for the company and was keen to show the new boss that she was on board with his call for an “extremely hardcore” work culture.

She’s the one who was shown in a viral photograph sleeping on the floor of Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters — a hardcore commitment indeed.

But Musk, it seems, was unimpressed.

She was among those handed their hats over the weekend.

This is particularly harsh because Crawford was described by the New York Post as “a holdover from the old regime who reportedly gained Musk’s trust and elbowed her way into the reclusive mogul’s tight inner circle.”

Incredibly, Crawford took to Twitter late Sunday to say she harbored no ill will toward her former employer.

“The worst take you could have from watching me go all-in on Twitter 2.0 is that my optimism or hard work was a mistake,” she tweeted.

“Those who jeer & mock are necessarily on the sidelines and not in the arena. I’m deeply proud of the team for building through so much noise & chaos.”

She included a blue heart in case her affection for Musk and Twitter were unclear.

According to the Post, “Crawford, who was entrusted to oversee the Twitter Blue subscription service, stood out because she was one of the few of Musk’s trusted lieutenants who was not brought over from one of his other companies.”

Musk has been scrambling to lower Twitter’s overhead as he grapples with his way-overpriced purchase and massive debt payments.

Even so, the message he’s apparently sending to Twitter staffers is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a true believer, and it doesn’t matter if you lead by example (sleeping on the floor, for goodness sake).

What matters, it seems, is if you’re expendable. And because almost everyone is, adios, Esther.

To sum up: It’s bad enough that Twitter is now the kind of place that encourages people to sleep on the floor.

It’s even worse that it’s the kind of place where such dedication counts for bupkis.