It’s no secret that after years of remote work, many employees are more than a little reluctant to return to offices.

That’s prompted some employers and commercial landlords to stir a little fun into the mix.

Taking a cue from past Silicon Valley perks, workplaces are adding lunchtime concerts and entertainment, yoga classes and other amenities to make returning to work seem less like, you know, work.

“You need to find new ways to engage people,” Bess Wyrick, head of programming at the Water Garden for property manager CBRE, told the Los Angeles Times.

The Water Garden office complex in Santa Monica has adopted an in-house dance troupe to provide free performances. There are also comedy shows, classes and activities for kids.

Some property owners are even hiring “tenant experience managers” to curate the extracurricular action.

The emphasis on work-life balance is reminiscent of how Silicon Valley offered free food, dry cleaning and outdoor entertainment to keep workers productive and happy.

Many of those perks have since fallen by the wayside as Big Tech has discovered running a business isn’t always compatible with being a camp counselor.

So enjoy the party while it lasts.

Once employers get everyone back in the office, especially amid an economic downturn, all these break-time bells and whistles probably will fade away.

And we’ll return to the less-fun but time-honored practice of expecting people to bust their butts or face the music.