In perhaps the weirdest intersection of healthcare and pop culture, Travis Barker, drummer for rock band Blink-182, is teaming with nonalcoholic beverage company Liquid Death Mountain Water for a hard-rocking enema kit.

I’m not making this up.

The Liquid Death Enema of The State Collectible Enema Kit pays homage to Blink-182’s 1999 album “Enema of the State.”

According to the Liquid Death website, the $182 enema kit is in fact “a limited edition collectible adult art piece and not intended for use as a real medical device,” which kind of takes the fun out of it.

The kit includes a can of Liquid Death water (natch) that’s been hand-signed by Barker (or so they say). And there’s an enema bulb.

In a video on the Liquid Death site, Barker — a.k.a. Mr. Kourtney Kardashian — says that “thanks to my new Enema of the State collectible enema kit, I’ve been able to turn my dreams into reality.”

Dare to dream, right?

As a collectible, this is certainly one of the goofier products to hit the market.

That said, here I am writing about it, so … mission accomplished, Liquid Death.

As a cure for constipation, this isn’t that. But you can find out more about enemas and their use (if so inclined) here and here.

And points to Barker for his entrepreneurial pluck.