After nine rate hikes over the last year, interest rates for savings accounts should be at the highest level in 15 years — close to 5%.

Chances are, you aren’t earning anywhere close to that.

More likely you’re earning closer to the average 0.39% being offered by many big banks.

Less than half of 1%.

What’s up with that?

To put it bluntly, big banks don’t need your money — they’re flush with cash. So they have no incentive to raise savings rates in tandem with the Federal Reserve’s rate increases.

Oh, they’ll charge top dollar for loans. The average interest rate for credit card balances is now about 24%.

But savings? Bupkis.

If you want the best rate for savings, you’ll probably have to look past big banks.

Check out savings accounts offered by American Express or newfangled offerings from tech companies such as Apple, which is offering a 4.15% rate.

For the best deal for savings, you may want to look to money market accounts. They offer many of the features of savings accounts with the flexibility of checking accounts.

And unlike certificates of deposit, you can withdraw your money at any time.

Economically speaking, there’s a lot to stew on these days. But don’t overlook your savings.

A recent survey by Bankrate found that about half of U.S. adults have less savings or no savings compared to a year ago.

It’s hard to set money aside when you’re having difficulty paying the rent or buying groceries.

But socking away even a few bucks every week can make a difference over the long haul.