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A mother is seeking justice for her teenage son who showed up at his home with serious injuries after allegedly being hit by a California Highway Patrol officer who drove off in East Los Angeles. 

Isaac Cota, 14, was riding his bicycle in East L.A. at around 9 p.m. on June 27 during a community car show near Whittier Boulevard and Williamson Avenue when the incident happened, according to his mother, Sara Cervantes. 

“He was distraught, he couldn’t even focus his eye vision on me,” Cervantes said. 

A witness at the Whittier Boulevard car cruise show recorded the incident. 

“It was horrible, you could tell that something was wrong and he couldn’t talk correctly, he was slurring his words” Cervantes said. 

Cervantes says even over a month after the incident, her son is still suffering from a concussion and shoulder injury. 

The mother has since then hired an attorney and together with volunteers is seeking justice for her son. 

“It was absolutely disgusting to see the video of them just hit him and take off, and didn’t even try to find out where his parent was or seek medical attention for him,” said Alejandra Estrada, a community activist.  

Cervantes says she just wants her son to get better and wants the CHP officers to be taken off patrol. 

“They’re not even helping protect the street,” Cervantes said. 

KTLA has reached out to CHP for comment.