Mayor Responds After Vandals Spray Paint, Slash Tires of Multiple Vehicles in Calabasas Overnight

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Several residents of a Calabasas neighborhood woke up to find their vehicles vandalized early Tuesday morning, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The cars’ tires were slashed and their sides were spray-painted with bright red symbols.

Mayor of Calabasas Alicia Weintraub, expressed her anger towards the culprits responsible.

“It makes me extremely angry. I want our residents to feel safe and secure in this community,” Weintraub told KTLA. “We are doing everything we can to support the sheriff’s efforts and we hope that the people that engaged in this horrific activity are apprehended soon.”

The vandalized vehicles include Mercedes, Jaguars, Jeeps and Audi’s with “999” and “666” painted all over them. Weintraub confirmed that at least 17 cars were vandalized in residential areas, as well as some cars at a dealership nearby.

One resident told KTLA he was shocked when he saw his vandalized car.

“They slash the tires, painted the body now I have to take care of it,” he said.

Surveillance video from a home in the area shows a sedan stopped near a vehicle as the sound of air being let out of tires is heard before the car drives away.

“My wife and I, we looked around and saw that graffiti there, on the white car, and we said, ‘Oh no,’ and we looked down and I saw these brake lights, just jammed,” a resident who identified himself as Bobby V. told KTLA.

The Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident and looking for the vandals.

Calabasas residents were asked to review the overnight footage from their surveillance cameras and report any suspicious activity to

Those who believe they were victim of vandalism in the area can call the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station at 818-878-1808.

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