After months of rainstorms and flooding, potholes have appeared or worsened on Southern California streets and freeways, damaging vehicles and snarling traffic.

Multiple cars were damaged on the 210 Freeway Wednesday night near the Baldwin Avenue exit, just hours after similar issues that morning.

A driver named Adam said his family has experienced multiple issues with potholes on the freeway.

“They patch it, and it goes away,” he said. “More potholes. My wife had one this month earlier, so this is my second tow truck this month on the 210 Freeway, and it probably won’t be the last, so that is really frustrating.”

Earlier this week, the 71 Freeway in Pomona experienced similar issues near the Holt Avenue exit.

Repairing the damage done by potholes can be costly — about $600, according to AAA — and while that is usually covered by car insurance, it may not be worth filing a claim if you have a high deductible.

Instead, drivers can file a claim with the government. Caltrans, which handles freeways and state highways, will reimburse up to $10,000. To file a claim, visit the Caltrans website.

The city of L.A. covers surface streets in city limits. Visit the city’s website to file a claim.