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SAN MARCOS, CA (CNN) — Getting a four-year college degree wasn’t enough for one California man, and neither was graduate school.

In fact, he’s got quite a collection of degrees.

And CNN’s Kristy Wolfski reports that now the man has one more degree to add to his resume.

90-year-old Wally Taibleson — the oldest graduate in the California State University system — has collected his fourth degree from Cal State San Marcos.

This latest degree for Taibleson is a Master of Arts in education.

He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in history, a Master’s degree in literature and writing studies, and a Master’s degree in history.

But Taibleson believes that there’s always room to learn more.

“Any time you can devote to improving your mind and increasing your learning,” Taibleson says, “it’s valuable for you as well as those you’re associated with.”

Taiblelson says this is probably be the last degree he’ll pursue, because he’s now fighting macular degeneration.

But Taibleson says he hopes to become a mentor to others, opening their eyes to the importance of education.