Tourists Evacuating Hurricane-Ravaged Cabo San Lucas

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Thousands of Americans were still trying to evacuate Cabo San Lucas on Thursday, four days after Hurricane Odile slammed into the Mexican resort city.

Some of those who experienced the powerful storm and its aftermath have been telling frightening stories of damage and looting.

“There’s no emergency infrastructure whatsoever and thousands of people are homeless. Last night, there was rioting and looting. … People are scared.” Ryan Bilbrey, a stranded American tourist said.

Others waited for hours to board Mexican military flights to locations such as Tijuana and Mexico City. It was unclear how the passengers were expected to proceed from there.

One tourist who was able to get out of the country and return to the U.S. was Bob Fechtig, a local record executive who said he may have been the first American to cross the the border out of Mexico.

Fechtig and his friends huddled in one room to ride out of the storm.

"We heard breaking glass, screaming, just crazy noises. The building was shaking," he told KTLA.

Fechtig documented the wreckage with his cellphone the next morning. He said the streets were flooded with water and sewage, and the stench was overwhelming.

In light of reports of looting, Fechtig said he wanted to clarify that people were taking things like water and toilet paper from stores, not television sets.

As the evacuations continued, a tropical storm named Polo was building off the coast of southern Mexico.

Early forecasts showed Polo was likely to pass by Cabo San Lucas without making landfall, according to the National Weather Service.

Click here for information on how to help local victims of the storm.

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KTLA's Tracy Bloom contributed to this report.

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