Chimp Performs High-Wire Act in Residential Neighborhood After Escaping Zoo in Japan

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Dramatic efforts to capture a chimpanzee that escaped from a zoo played out on live television Thursday in Japan.

The 24-year-old chimp named Cha Cha was on the loose for about two hours before a zookeeper noticed he wasn’t in his enclosure, CNN reported.

He was eventually located in a residential neighborhood where he climbed a utility pole and dangled from power lines as rescuers tried to capture him, video of the incident showed.

At one point, rescuers in a cherry picker shot Cha Cha with a tranquilizer dart.

That appeared to anger the chimp, who lunged at the men and pulled the dart out of his back, the video showed.

As the sedative took effect, Cha Cha began to get drowsy and eventually fell to the ground.

Cha Cha was caught by workers on the ground and loaded into an animal ambulance. He was then returned to the zoo, where officials stated he was not injured, CNN reported.

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