Costco has released a Monopoly game inspired by the warehouse store, and people won’t need a membership to play.

The classic Monopoly game has been revamped to give gamers the full Costco experience.

Classic Monopoly game board pieces have been replaced with Costco fan favorites, like the $1.50 hot dog combo, pizza slice and jumbo shopping cart.

The Monopoly Chance and Community Chest cards have also been replaced by cards that resemble Gold Star or Executive Membership cards, while the game board features artwork of a busy Costco store.

Traditional properties like Boardwalk, Broadway and Park Place have been replaced with different warehouse locations from stores worldwide.

The infamous “Go to Jail” board space has also been replaced by mandatory vacations with “Costco Travel.”

The objective of the game remains the same.

Costco superfans, or those who know one, can purchase the game on the Costco website for $44.99 or can be purchased in-store.