“Days of Our Lives” actor Cody Longo died from chronic alcohol abuse, according to the medical examiner’s report obtained by Nexstar’s KXAN.

The 34-year-old Denver native was found unresponsive in February at an Austin home, TMZ previously reported. A family member said Longo had “a history of significant alcohol consumption,” the summary states.

“Numerous bottles of alcohol [were] found at the scene,” the medical report said.

The report states Longo’s manner of death is considered “natural.”

Stephanie Longo, the actor’s wife, shared a heartfelt message on Instagram about two weeks after his death.

“I’ve cried..I’ve screamed..I’m angry..I feel bitter…I’m laughing thinking back at our silly moments together, I’m crying happy tears looking back on our beautiful life..I’m mourning the life we could’ve had…I’m beating myself up thinking I could’ve done more to save you…I have lost a part of myself…a part of me left with you that day..We miss your smile, your laugh, your hugs..your cuddles..the prayers you would pray over us every night..You fought for so long..you fought for our family..The babies and I will never understand or grasp why your fight came to an end…but we know you are pain FREE and at peace in heaven with Jesus. I know you are the MOST beautiful angel watching over us..We love you..forever and always,” Longo’s wife wrote on Instagram.

Longo appeared in eight episodes of “Days of Our Lives” in 2011, according to TMZ,. He was also in “Bring It On: Fight to the Finish,” and episodes of “Nashville” in 2016. Additionally, Longo was most remembered as Eddie Duran on the show “Hollywood Heights,” where he appeared in 78 episodes.