Demonstration videos show dangers of deep frying turkey


Like they do every year ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, officials are warning Americans of the dangers of deep frying a turkey.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission released demonstration videos this week showing the birds being dropped into pots of oil, causing flames to explode and consume a nearby wall and roof.

In another video taken in an indoor setting, the flames quickly climb the walls and appear to spread further when someone tries to put the fire out.

“Don’t do any of this,” the agency wrote in sharing the videos.

Those who plan on frying their Thanksgiving turkey should only do it outside and away from their homes. “Not inside your garage, or on your porch,” officials said.

The cooks should also avoid overfilling the fryer with oil.

“Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on use, including thawing your turkey thoroughly and maintaining control of the oil temperature,” the Safety Commission said.

There were 220 fire or burn incidents involving turkey fryers in the last two decades that together caused $9.7 million in property loss and injured dozens of people, according to data from the agency.

On average, there are more home fires on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year, according to the Safety Commission. 

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