Dog Spotted Roaming Around Texas Neighborhood With Entire Bag of Dog Food After Hurricane Harvey

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A dog in Texas spotted carrying an entire bag of dog food following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey on Saturday has become a symbol of Texan resilience, according to KTLA sister station WGHP in North Carolina.

The German shepherd mix, Otis, was roaming around the town of Sinton after he escaped from the care of 65-year-old Salvador Segovia, who was looking after the dog for his 5-year-old grandson, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The grandfather was driving around the neighborhood in search of the Otis when a neighbor stopped him and said they had seen the hound stocking up on food, he told the Chronicle.

A photo of the hound dutifully carrying the food bag to was posted by local resident Tiele Dockens to her Facebook on Saturday, where it had more than 30,000 shares on Sunday.

Dockens told the pooch was headed toward his home when the photo was taken. Segovia confirmed his dog made it back.

Families in the area are starting to clean up on Saturday, but the town is still out of water and power, Dockens said.

“We were out today clearing tree limbs from streets. Families are already starting to clean up,” she said. “Our town is still out of water and power. I was driving around checking on family and friends’ properties that decided to evacuate.”

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