Donald Trump’s Image, Already Bad, Has Gotten Worse, New Poll Finds

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Donald Trump’s standing with the American public has worsened significantly over the last month, according to a new survey that finds 70% of Americans viewing him negatively, including 56% who feel “strongly unfavorable.”

Donald Trump speaks to supporters in Iowa on Jan. 23, 2016. (Credit: CNN)
Donald Trump speaks to supporters in Iowa on Jan. 23, 2016. (Credit: CNN)

Hillary Clinton also has more negative impressions among the public than positive ones, the new Washington Post/ABC News poll found, but her problems pale in comparison with Trump’s, the survey indicates.

Among all American adults surveyed, 55% had a negative view of Clinton, and 43% viewed her positively. Only 29% of adults had a positive view of Trump.

Among registered voters, the results were almost the same for both. Trump stood at 69% negative and 31% positive among registered voters, Clinton at 56%-43%.

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