Dramatic before-and-after satellite images from Maxar Technologies show the devastation in Lahaina, Maui, on Wednesday.

Wildfires fueled by a dry summer and strong winds from Hurricane Dora killed 36 people and destroyed hundreds of homes and other buildings in the popular Hawaiian tourist destination.

The fire started Tuesday and took the island by surprise, racing through dry growth and leaving behind burned-out cars on once-busy streets and smoking piles of rubble where historic buildings had stood.

Hawaii Fires
This combination of satellite images provided by Maxar Technologies shows an overview of Lahaina Square on Maui, Hawaii, on June 25, 2023, left, and an overview of the same area on Wednesday, Aug. 9, following a wildfire that tore through the heart of the Hawaiian island. (Maxar Technologies via AP)

The flames left some people with mere minutes to act and led some to flee into the ocean.

Officials said 271 structures have been damaged or destroyed, and dozens of people have been injured. It is the deadliest fire since the 2018 Camp Fire in California, which killed at least 85 people and virtually razed the town of Paradise.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.