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A father “fought to his death” to protect his wife and children from attackers who broke into their Las Vegas home, his family told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday.

Richard Ramos, 59, formerly of Whittier, Calif., was killed during a horrific crime spree that included a carjacking, a series of home invasions and a dramatic police standoff on a front porch.

The ordeal left two people dead – Ramos and one of his attackers – and two people injured, including an unidentified woman used as a human shield. She remained in critical condition, according to local media reports. Ramos’ wife was stabbed with a screwdriver in the attack and taken to a hospital, treated and released.

The violence began Tuesday morning, when Natasha Galenn Jackson, 35, and a man she called “Cody” or “Havoc” stopped on the side of Highway 93/95 in a stolen white Nissan Altima, according to a Las Vegas police report.

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