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An apparent “gas war” in Michigan on Sunday forced the cost of a gallon of gasoline to plummet to 47 cents.

According to KTLA sister station WXMI, the Beacon and Bridge Market in Houghton Lake was selling gas for 47 cents a gallon on Sunday night.

Prices dropped from 95 cents, to 78 cents and eventually to 47 cents before the “price war” ended, the station reported.

Several other nearby gas stations were also selling gas for below $1 on Sunday, according to several media reports.

Prices increased again on Monday, with a gallon of gasoline at the Beacon and Bridge Market going for $1.43, according to Gas Buddy,

A spokesman at the gas station’s corporate office told NBC News they will not comment on whether prices will drop again.

The average cost of a gallon of gas in the U.S. is $1.889, which is down 17 cents from last year.