Popular Hawaiian restaurant chain L&L Hawaiian Barbecue will be donating a portion of profits from online sales to the American Red Cross of Hawaii as the island of Maui continues to recover from deadly and devastating wildfires.

Through the remainder of August, the Hawaiian food chain will donate $1 for each order placed online or through the company’s official mobile app.

The company was founded decades ago on Oahu, one of the neighboring islands of Hawaii. The restaurant chain has several locations on Maui, including two in historic Lahaina Town.

One of the restaurants avoided disaster, but the other was lost last week when fire ripped through the town, destroying hundreds of structures and killing at least 100 people. The surviving restaurant remains closed due to a lack of electricity and water.

While employees and franchise owners are reportedly safe and accounted for, many of them have lost homes or loved ones, the company said. The corporate office has been in contact with franchisees and employees and is offering assistance.

For many mainlanders, Hawaiian food is the first introduction to the rich cultural history and heritage of the Aloha State. The company is urging its customers and supporters to come together to give back to those recovering on Maui.

“We are humbly asking our supporters, customers, and franchisees across the nation to join us in our effort to support the people of Maui during this challenging time,” said CEO Elisia Flores. “This is a time to show the spirit and strength of aloha, which has been our commitment and mission throughout the years.”

The money raised from the campaign will go toward the American Red Cross of Hawaii, which is providing shelter and resources to thousands of people who have been forced to evacuate their homes because of the deadly fires.

Those interested in donating directly, can visit the dedicated Red Cross donation page, or click here for other options.