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The creator of Jelly Belly, David Klein, says he is launching a series of “treasure hunts” for gold tickets across the country, giving away cash prizes and even a candy factory as he prepares for retirement.

Klein and his partner have started going across the U.S. and hiding “gold style tickets in the form of necklaces in places they come across with an interesting story,” according to a news release.

Those who wish to participate will need to pay an entry fee of about $50 to receive a riddle to receive the clue in their state. Each treasure hunt is limited to 1,000 participants.

The first clue will be released in Georgia on Sept. 30, with more being revealed in the other states following months.

However, as of Tuesday morning, no tickets were available for purchase in California on the website.

Winners will receive $5,000, according to the game’s website. But all participants will be eligible to search for “the ultimate treasure” — a key to a candy factory.

“We’re gonna have the ultimate treasure hunt where the winner will be receiving a key — a key to one of our candy factories,” Klein, who is known as “The Candyman” said in a video announcing the game.

Each treasure hunt game will have a location and start date.

“We’re looking for you, Charlie, out there,” Klein said in a nod to Roald Dahl’s classic novel, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Klein invented jelly bellies but sold the brand about 40 years ago, according to Fast Company. His current candy company is called Spectrum Confections.