Leaving Afghanistan: Families flee for their lives


As a 20-year war in Afghanistan draws to a close with the Taliban returning to power, many are asking if the effort was worth it.

Noor Mohammad Ramazan and his family are one of many trying to flee the country because of the Taliban.

“I am exactly the type of people the Taliban will not like,” Ramazan said. “If they find me, they will kill me.”

Ramazan says he has lost hope as he watches America leave Afghanistan behind.

“Everything is falling back into the hands of the Taliban, so we’re confused,” Ramazan said.

He added that his family’s only hope is to get to Turkey, but black-market visas cost $2,500 per person.

Meanwhile, the Zazai family was lucky enough to get out.

Atiqullah Zazai worked for the U.S. as a cultural advisor to the Army.

“The Taliban was targeting those who were working with U.S. Armies,” Zazai said.

He said he was willing to assist the Army because of the role the U.S. played in helping the Afghan people.

Zazai feels the U.S. will have to face al-Qaida once again if the Taliban are left in power.

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