Man Allegedly Dismembered Wife’s Body in Front of Their Kids, Placed Remains in Kansas Storage Unit (Warning: Graphic Content)

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A man arrested at a storage unit in Kansas with his two children and the remains of his wife faces new charges as court documents reveal disturbing details in the case.

Justin Rey, 35, is charged with murder in the killing of his his wife, abandoning her corpse and endangering the welfare of a child, according to WDAF.

Police say Justin and Jessica Rey’s children, a 2-year-old and a newborn, were in a Kansas City hotel room as Justin dismembered and disposed of their mother’s body, according to court records filed on Wednesday.

Jessica Rey’s dismembered body was found in a cooler at a Lenexa storage facility on October 24.

When Justin Rey was arrested, he told police his wife delivered their baby in the bathtub of a hotel room near Interstate-70 and Stadium Drive, where they had been staying since Sept. 25th.  He told police he used a plastic fastener and a shoestring to secure the umbilical cord.

Rey also told police his wife died after childbirth and he placed her on the bed and then took pictures with his wife and kids together.

Rey said he spent two days with Jessica’s body, Friday and Saturday, before dismembering her and then taking her body in the cooler to the storage facility in Lenexa.

Detectives said Rey admitted cutting up Jessica in the bathtub and then putting her body parts in the cooler. What didn’t fit in the cooler, he said he flushed down the toilet or boiled in a pot on the stove.

Lenexa police were tipped off about Rey after the U-Haul Storage Facility contacted them, saying he was suspiciously talking about his wife dying while giving birth to their newborn.  When police found him at the storage facility, they say he told them his wife had died from suicide after giving birth.

“The suspect spontaneously informed the officers his wife was inside the cooler and looked to the direction of a red and white Igloo style cooler with wheels,” the probable cause statement said.

Two weeks ago, when he went before a judge in Johnson County, Kan., where he was charged with child endangerment for allegedly living with the children in the U-Haul storage facility, Rey screamed out in court that his rights were being violated. He denied that he and his children were living in the storage unit. He also yelled that he is not mentally unstable.

Jackson County prosecutors requested a bond of $100,000 cash. Rey remains in custody in Johnson County.

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