The New York Police Department arrested a Brooklyn man Friday for allegedly stalking and trespassing in two New York high-rises on two separate occasions.

His victim, according to Rolling Stone, was pop star Taylor Swift.

Police did not confirm if Swift, who is a resident of New York, lived in the buildings that 35-year-old Joshua Christian allegedly entered on March 26 and June 12. Swift and her team have also not made any public comments about the alleged incidents.

During the March incident, Christian reportedly walked into an unlocked Tribeca residence and remained in the building’s lobby unlawfully until he was told to leave by security, police said.

Three months later, Christian is said to have entered another nearby building. While inside, he “made threats through the intercom toward a 32 year-old female,” according to police.

Christian has been charged with both stalking and criminal trespass, NYPD officials said.