‘I’m With My Kids’: Chicago Father Fatally Shot in Front of 2 Children After Pleading With Teen Gunman

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A 25-year-old father pleaded with two teenagers not to shoot him in front of his young children moments before one of them opened fire, killing him Thursday afternoon in Chicago’s Brighton Park neighborhood, according to a report.

A Chicago police car and crime scene tape are seen in a file photo. (Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The victim was talking to his girlfriend and children through a van window in the 4600 block of South Troy Street when two teens walked up beside the vehicle, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Police and multiple witnesses said the teens asked the man what he was “about,” or what gang he belonged to, the newspaper reported.

After telling the two, “I’m with my kids,” one teen turned to the other and ordered him to shoot.

The man again implored, “I’m with my kids.” His girlfriend echoing the same plea, telling the two, “He’s with his kids.”

One of the teens took out a pistol and shot the man in the forehead. After the man dropped to the ground, the teen stood over him and shot him twice more in the chest, according to the Chicago Police Department.

The man’s two children, a 2 year-old boy and a 5 month-old girl, were rushed inside by their aunt.

The boy, who realized what happened, screamed and cried for nearly an hour while his aunt tried to calm him, according to the Tribune.

The girlfriend was crying at her boyfriend’s side, screaming, “Wake up, wake up, when paramedics came and rushed the unresponsive man to the hospital.

He was initially listed in critical condition, but later died of his injuries.

Authorities have not identified the victim.

The suspects were able to get away.

The shooting is among a string of incidents linked to increasing violence in Chicago that have eroded the sense of community in some neighborhoods. Many residents shared their concerns with the Tribune, but asked that their names not be published amid fears of living in the area.

“Everybody is scared,” said the man who first attended to the victim, “Nobody on this block is going to let their kids go outside unless they’re outside with them, and they’re not going to let them out of their sight.”

“Either you have your kid in the house, or you let them go outside and they join a gang,” neighbor Olivia said. “We kept ours in the house.”

More than a dozen children live on the block, which is also around the corner from an elementary school. All stayed indoors after the fatal shooting, residents said.

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